Aid and Attendance Benefit
Welcome! There are several videos available on this website that will educate you about the Aid and Attendance Benefit offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Below there is a form you may fill out with the relevant information. Once we receive your inquiry form we will contact you for further assistance.
[ 00:02:30 ]
Introduction to Generations-US Benefits and the Aid and Attedance Benefit
Taking Action
[ 00:00:31 ]
Moving ahead to get the Aid and Attendance Benefit
Who We Are
[ 00:00:33 ]
Description of the company
Questions and Answers
[ 00:06:02 ]
Thom answers a series of frequently asked questions.
Aid and Attendance Workshop
[ 00:08:43 ]
A video workshop illustrating the Aid and Attendance Benefit
Application Process
[ 00:09:02 ]
Explanation of the Aid and Attendance Application Process
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